Our values

People are at the heart of the company.

It has carried strong values since it was created, naturally built around the men and women who give it life – today as has always been since the company was created.



We defend our authenticity. We have been shoemakers for almost 90 years. We are put into practice the traditional expertise on which we build our unique selling point. We are aware of our own capabilities and always place our customers and sonsumers at the centre of what we do. On a daily basis within the company, we remain faithful to this value upon which our history is built.



Every individual is fully invested in the company’s project, with enthousiasm and passion. We are moving forward together in order to realise our vission. “to offer the best for your children’s feet”.


In order to offer the best, we are continually listening to the world around us: culture, training, communication and dialogue. We are continually adding new jobs and new technologies with a view to developing our profession and our products.



Respect for these values drives us towards excellence. Each manager leads his employees forwards in complete transparency. Everyone within the company is moving forwards, challenging themselves and seeking to make progress, so as to be able to give the best of themselves.

Tout commence dans un village

au portes de la Bretagne.

Le village Noël Kids est un lieu où le pacte des copains est loi. Ici, on court, on saute, on grimpe aux arbres et on trébuche sans se soucier de grandir. Il faut juste être bien accompagné. 

Chez Noël Kids, nous prenons le jeu au sérieux. Nous croyons que bien grandir commence par bien marcher pour s'émerveiller et se sentir libre. Depuis 1927, nous transmettons notre univers et créons des chaussures au confort et à la légèreté inégalés. Plus qu'un chausseur, Noël Kids fait marcher l'imaginaire de votre enfant. 


Bienvenue au village Noël Kids !