Expertise and the pleasure of producing the “right shoe” are at the heart of our business, and each employee understands that this is a major and vital challenge.

Our ambition has always been to cultivate and master the industry expertise that is our DNA and our strength – the outsourcing necessary to the pursuit of our business, in Tunisia and more recently in Indonesia, have always been supported and perfectly managed.

All of the stages required to progress from a great idea to a great shoe, from its design to its manufacture, are integrated within our workshops: design office and methods, production of soles, manufacture of cutting dies for cutting the leather.

Every day, in france, Tunisia and Indonesia, our teams of men and women work together cultivating and communicating this expertise, driven by the desire to preserve our shoemaking profession, while also developing new skills.

This approach has always enabled us to offer children the best shoes we can produce.


Our Customer Service is always listening to our distributing partners. In the same way, our 4 brands listen to and hear their consumers.

The customer is the focus of our attention – whether it’s a distributor or our brands or an end consumer, we endeavour to continually listen to and anticipate their needs.

Producing good shoes for children is a priority, supporting parents goes without saying.

Our commitment to quality gives rise to the trust that our partners and consumers place in us.

Our group’s 4 brands may respond to needs that are at times different, but are always guided by our ambition and the desire to satisfy the customer.


Innovation is the fruit of the coming together of two areas of expertise: on the one hand commercial and on the other creative. As such, Noël was the first brand to use Velcro on children’s shoes. It also revolutionised the market 15 years ago by offering extra-light soles under the name “pieds poids plume” (‘featherlight feet’).

To conceive and design a shoe, then draw up the design and produce a prototype is what we do on a daily basis. This is an impressive feat within a sector that is already industrialised and outsourced. But this is only feasible because the company retains its expertise, while also cultivating, maintaining and enhancing it each day.

In order to respond to the increasing awareness among consumers with regard to environmental challenges, the company is innovating with its eco-friendly Easy Peasy brand, by launching a range of slippers and accessories made from vegetable leather.

Communication, trust, innovation

The company’s expertise is something that has been built up over time, it is the fruit of many years working with leather – and a passion for shoes. This passion is shared by all those within the company.

Noel Babybotte’s reputation has been forged around the shoemaking profession. Three generations have maintained this reputation, surrounding themselves by the best employees, in France and abroad. It is through the gradual building of this business culture that its network of distributors has become its primary ambassador, thanks to the trust that they today place in the company.

Behind our success are the men and women who work to design our products, always at the heart of our thinking, and providing fuel for our ambition.

Today our shoemaking profession, like many others, is undergoing a revolution with a view to conquering the market and winning over consumers. Almost 100 years after its creation, our company is rethinking its methods of communication and marketing on a daily basis, so as to adapt to the new challenges presented by digital technology.

Tout commence dans un village

au portes de la Bretagne.

Le village Noël Kids est un lieu où le pacte des copains est loi. Ici, on court, on saute, on grimpe aux arbres et on trébuche sans se soucier de grandir. Il faut juste être bien accompagné. 

Chez Noël Kids, nous prenons le jeu au sérieux. Nous croyons que bien grandir commence par bien marcher pour s'émerveiller et se sentir libre. Depuis 1927, nous transmettons notre univers et créons des chaussures au confort et à la légèreté inégalés. Plus qu'un chausseur, Noël Kids fait marcher l'imaginaire de votre enfant. 


Bienvenue au village Noël Kids !